DIY Patriotic Ribbon Flag Wand - July 4th USA

DIY Patriotic Ribbon Flag Wand - July 4th USA

Start by giving a few wooden dowels a coat of spray paint in red, white, or blue.  Let dry.

Create hole with nail

Before you can screw the eye screw into the end of the dowel, you will need to create a pilot hole so you don’t split the wood.  Hammer a very small nail into the end of each dowel and remove it.  Now you can screw in the eye screw, using pliers if you need to.  Add a lanyard clasp finding to the eye screw.

Ribbon Wand Ribbon Retreat

Flag Ribbons click
Chevron Ribbon click
polka Dot Ribbon click

I received these gorgeous patriotic ribbons from The Fuzzy Fabric, and they were perfect for this project. I think the American Flag ribbon might be my favorite, but the glittery ribbon is a close second.

Ribbon Wand Red White and Blue

I cut each ribbon into 4 foot lengths and threaded the ribbons onto the clasp finding.  If the ribbons aren’t secure, you can tie them off in a knot to keep them attached.

 Fourth of July Ribbon Wand

My kids love playing with the ribbon wands, dancing around and waving the ribbons.  The wands would be great to take along to wave as you watch a summer parade or while you are waiting for the fireworks to start!

All the ribbons featured in this tutorial can be bought from Fuzzy Fabric.  I’ve gathered links to the rest of the materials I used in this tutorial.

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