The Different Types of Ribbons

The Different Types of Ribbons

Satin Ribbon

When you think of ribbons, the satin ribbon will be the first to come to mind. Satin ribbons are shiny and smooth, adding a real classic elegance to any project- packaging, decorating, crafting, dressmaking. We offer a large range of double face satin ribbon, where both sides of the ribbon are silky smooth rather than just a singular side. This means that your craft or packaging will look perfect from any angle, as both sides of the ribbon will have the same beautiful sheen and be smooth to touch.


Grosgrain Ribbon


Grosgrain ribbons are defined by the ribs that run across the width of the ribbon. Our grosgrain ribbons have a lovely soft, ribbed texture perfect for gift wrapping and making accessories such as hair bows. Our grosgrain ribbons are also sturdy, thick, durable, and fully washable, which makes them perfectly suited for dressmaking.


Cord Ribbon

Cord ribbons are generally thinner than usual ribbons. We offer silky, matte, skinny or chunky cord ribbons. Our French cord ribbons come in widths of 1.5mm and 2.2mm. Recently, we have also added elastic cord ribbons to our collection which can be used to make face masks.


Organza Ribbon

Organza ribbons are thin and sheer, most commonly used for floral arrangements, gift packaging, decorating, and scrapbooking. Organza ribbons add a romantic and elegant aesthetic to any craft.

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