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Flower Girl Baskets

Flower Girl Baskets

One of the most adorable wedding accessories is the flower girl baskets. Little lady with the fully decorative flower basket will give a stunning and charming look to the bridal walk.

We have flower basket in various designs, colors and sizes. Most common size of our basket is 4.5 inch x 9 inch, 6 inch x 7 inch and 5 inch x 7 inch. Choose the basket in your desired color and size. If you like to have additional decorations then you can use ribbons or others fabrics to decorate the baskets with your creative design ideas and highlights its elegance in the wedding ceremony.

Choose the basket size based on your flower girls' age if she is a too young then buy a small basket because it should match the person carrying it. And also consider your wedding theme color, bridal bouquet while selecting the flower girl basket.

Purchase a flower basket from our online store. We assure that your flower girl will be proud of carrying our beautiful flower basket down the aisle.          

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