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Floral Deco Mesh Checked Metallic Stripes

Deco Floral Mesh Wholesale

Deco Xmas mesh is an ideal option to add a perfect finishing touch to your crafts and decorations. No matter what the occasion, you can play smart with different color combinations of deco mesh to create something out-of-the-box to impress your friends and family.

FuzzyFabric is a one-stop destination where you can find all the craft and décor supplies easily at the lowest prices. We are glad to bring to you a comprehensive range of deco Xmas mesh in 100% polypropylene material that looks elegant and exciting on all kinds of decorations.

We supply poly deco Xmas check mesh metallic stripe in two sizes – 10 inches and 10 yards, and 21 inches and 10 yards. These are available in a variety of colors like royal blue, spring moss, white, turquoise, fuchsia with silver, lavender with silver, red with green, and many more.

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Poly Deco Xmas Mesh – Suitable for Christmas Décor, Party Décor, & Craft Purposes
Poly deco Xmas mesh is a great option for Christmas tree decorations, draping, crafting wreaths, holiday season décor, gift wrapping, party backdrops, party favors, home décor, and crafting purposes. Our premium-grade deco mesh never fails to impress guests on any occasion, allowing you to achieve pleasant and charming elements in an effortless manner.

At FuzzyFabric, we are very focused on serving high-quality products at cost-effective prices with a safe and fast shipping process. We have something special for each customer, from craft items to wholesale fabrics, deco mesh ribbons, and wedding décor products.

Our 10 inch and 21 inches of deco Xmas check mesh with metallic stripes will sure to set the perfect mood on all occasions like weddings, Christmas, baby shower party, birthday bash, Easter, Thanksgiving, or whatever the event.

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All our products are made in the USA with the highest quality standards, always ensuring to deliver optimum level of customer satisfaction. We supply the finest range of poly deco Xmas mesh in bulk or for individual buyers at economical prices. Simply, place an order online and get the ordered product quantities right to your doorstep within 24-48 business hours.

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