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Sisal Mesh Rolls (6 Inch)

As the word sisal implies a coarse fiber plant, it is mainly used in plant base decorations. Sisal Mesh acts as an essential embellishment for floral arrangements and botanical based craft projects. It looks like a fiber interlined together and doesn't have any particular pattern

Our online store contains a massive collection of this sisal meshes which is made from Polypropylene and organized in a roll of 10 yards.

We have several hues of meshes therefore you can choose the appropriate sisals which suits for your project and exhibit your artistic quality through it.

It is environmentally protected, it doesn't cause any harm to the environment. As it is more flexible we can easily attain several shapes using, any non savvy person can create a stunning floral arrangements with this fabric.

You can use a single of sisal mesh with another color mesh to create a dazzling look and also you can use this fabric with other tulles, ribbons, floral meshes to bring out its elegance.

Check our collections and pick your ideal fabric.