Mesh Christmas Wreath Ideas

Mesh Christmas Wreath Ideas

 Try a Staggered Traditional Style

The winter holidays are known for their lack of greenery, but your decorations don’t have to follow suit. Standard deco mesh in spring colors provides the perfect complement to the season’s cool-white blanket of snow. It’s also a great alternative or supplement to the typical red-and-green Christmas motif you see everywhere.

Start with a wreath made of evergreen boughs for a new take on a traditional look. Using a pin, binder clip or other fastener, attach the ends of two or three ribbons of mesh to the same point along the wreath. For the coolest effect, you should choose your favorite seasonal colors, but don’t be afraid to be imaginative.

Wind the first deco mesh ribbon around the wreath in a spiral until you come back to the beginning. Repeat this same process with the other colors, but offset each one to create a nice layered effect. If you’re careful, you should be able to secure them with the same fastener you started from. For a more lasting result, simply replace this temporary anchor with a dab of hot glue or something else permanent.

An Alternative for Your Sweet Tooth

One cool variant of this technique makes it easy to create a candy-cane look. Just use a white wreath as a base, and add a single strip of bright red. Or pick a metallic striped deco mesh that already features the appropriate pattern. To complete the aesthetic, attach real candy canes around the wreath.

Delight the Senses With Mesh Potpourri Pockets

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to go for the traditional evergreen boughs. You can craft a modern-yet-naturalistic wreath that imbues its surroundings with the fragrances of the season and gives you complete creative freedom.

Start by making a ring-shaped frame from some flexible twigs, ivy vines, palm fronds or stiff wire. You can also buy a wire wreath form and paint it your favorite color. This base doesn’t have to be that strong or thick, since you’ll add bulk gradually, but it should be around the size of the wreath you want to create.

Next, obtain a long piece of mesh ribbon to create a closed pocket. Fold the ribbon in half along its length before sewing the two edges together. You can also use a glue gun or adhesives to create a seam, but this may not be as effective. Once you’re done, you should have a kind of mesh tube with holes at either end.

Loosely fill your tube with your favorite natural scents. For instance, you can use pine needles, cinnamon sticks, mint leaves, store-bought potpourri or whatever else really reminds you of the season. Once you’re done, seal the ends, and wrap the ribbon around your frame. Secure it with adhesives, zip ties or pipe cleaners. Build up additional layers of ribbon in the same fashion until you’ve created a wreath you feel proud of.

Explore Form and Shape by Making Frilly Ruffles

When you want to add volume to a Christmas display, creating ruffles is an easy method. Basically, you attach the end of a ribbon to a wreath frame and then bunch up a poof before affixing the next point. Make different effects by varying the amount of deco mesh you use for each ruffle, or measure lengths of mesh with exact precision to create more uniform shapes.

Try twisting each gathered section or alternating colors to change the look. To break up the space, add curled tubes of mesh at select points.

Also remember that wreaths don’t necessarily have to adhere to the typical ring shape you see so often. For instance, adding oversized ruffles or extra layers of mesh to the inner part of the wreath is a great way to create a filled circular form. Once you’ve created a filled circle, you can spruce it up with additions like flowers, mistletoe or ribbons. It’s also possible to create a cool rustic effect by adding evergreen boughs or twigs to one section of the wreath and leaving the rest a bit more minimal.

How will you make the next holiday season your own? Share your wreath ideas, tips and tricks in the comments below.

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