Grosgrain Ribbons Polka Dot

Grosgrain polka dot ribbon comes in three sizes: 3/8inch x 50 yards, 7/8inch x 50 yards, and 1-1/2inch x 50 yards. 3/8 inch ribbon has one row of polka dots and the other two ribbons have two rows of big polka dots in it. Fuzzy fabric contains 40 colors of ribbons with the contrast color polka dots over it. Some of the color combos are White with black dot ribbon, Black with a White dot, Emerald with a White dot, Red with a Black dot, Pink with Lavender dots, Ivory with Toffee dots, Cranberry with Ivory dots. 

Use these ribbons for Gift wrappings, Hair accessories, Crafts, Costume Designs, Scrapbooking, etc. All our products are manufactured from our direct outlet; therefore we assure 100% of high branded products. The polka dots will not fade or peel off from the ribbon, it remains soft and flexible even after long use. Colors will not be paled hence you can wash these ribbons without any worries.

Buy high quality, unique polka dot ribbons from Fuzzy Fabric at an affordable price.