How to Make a Deco Mesh Wreath

How to Make a Deco Mesh Wreath

Items you will need:

Wire wreath form of any size
Bolt or roll of deco mesh
– Pipe cleaners (chenille or other)
– Scissors
– Embellishments


1. Begin by unrolling several yards of mesh from your bolt or roll. Do not cut it yet. Keep in mind that the larger your wreath form, the more deco mesh you will need for coverage. Whereas you may only need half of a roll that is 18 inches wide and 25 yards long when you’re making a 16-inch wreath, a larger form will certainly require more tulle. The same is true if you use, say, a 6-inch wide roll, as opposed to a much wider bolt of deco mesh.

2. The next step is to cut the pipe cleaners in half. From there you will form the deco mesh into loops to be attached to the wire wreath form. Start by creating a large loop with the loose end of the mesh. Place a pipe cleaner under the outside wire of the wreath form, lay the mesh loop across it, and overlap the ends of the pipe cleaner around both the wire frame and the fabric loop, twisting the pipe cleaner to secure the loop of tulle to the wreath form. The loop should be large and full, but if it is drooping, make it a little smaller.

3. Make a second loop of mesh that is roughly the same size as the first, but this time attach it with your pipe cleaner to the inside ring of wire on your wreath form, so that the first loop of fabric points out and the second one points in towards the center of the wreath.

4. Continue attaching loops to the wreath frame following the outside/inside pattern until you have gone around the entire wreath form. Cut off excess deco mesh if needed. If there are small gaps or uneven loops in your wreath, simply slide and tug at your loops to even them out to your satisfaction.

5. Once you have the deco adjusted to perfection, you can begin embellishing your wreath with ribbons, bows, garlands, braided or jeweled trim, decorative sprays, feathers, artificial flowers, rhinestones, faux birds and butterflies, or even other colors of deco mesh. If you plan to reuse your wreath for various seasons, holidays, and occasions, these items may be attached with pins, pipe cleaners, or other ties. Or if you want to make your embellishments more permanent, consider using a glue gun or sewing them on – whichever seems more appropriate.

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