Where to Buy Organza & Burlap Pouch Gift Bags

Where to Buy Organza & Burlap Pouch Gift Bags

Organza Burlap bags were plentiful in American homes when they transported 100 pounds of potatoes, coffee beans, sweet potatoes and other goods in a breathable fabric that kept the contents fresh. Families found uses for the soft and flexible fabric bags as well as for the cloth flour bags that came along occasionally. Inventive homemakers found ways to repurpose them and put them to good use.

Finding New Uses for Burlap Bags

Descendants of families that used burlap bags for necessity now enjoy using them for creative, stylish and decorative purposes. A search on the Internet is the way to find them now, and one of the best places to start looking is Bulk pricing and breaks on shipping give your large or small business a perfect opportunity to add burlap bags your product line.

Colorful and elegant burlap bags give a distinctive appearance to almost any ensemble. Choosing our Natural Burlap Round Bottom Bags provides a neutral accessory that can go anywhere. A bag with a round bottom offers stability even when it is full. Handmade of material that is flexible, each bag is a unique creation that may vary in size.

Small totes are handy for shopping, and they appeal to moms who need to carry toys and games for young children. Our Natural Jute Handle Bags have a basket that stands four inches high, and it has gussets that allow it to sit safely on a flat surface. Each bag’s wide straps extend for four inches as well, making the overall size equal to eight inches. Small straps add a stylish touch to our Small Jute Handle Bags that feature a soft bottom or one that is tailored for a sleek look.

Similar Looks Featuring Linen and Hemp

The combination of rough and smooth fabrics creates an aesthetic fusion that is uniquely appealing. Our linen bags with hemp cord feature a hemp drawstring for easy closure. Natural colored 100% linen bags feature a hemp drawstring for easy closure. Great for packaging your natural ecological items while adding style to your product.

Choosing Larger Bags

Going on shopping trips usually presents a need to carry packages, and our Jute Shopping Bags are large enough to contain many items. The thick handles have a layer of jute over comfortable jute fibers that makes the bag easy to carry. The interior is water resistant, making it a practical choice for a variety of contents. Anything that spills is easy to clean up. At, we keep customers’ needs in mind so that we can help you meet them. Shopping online with us is the best way to find the most unusual burlap bags, and our huge discounts for bulk purchases save you money as well.

Our Beach Bag Shopper suggests the potential for frivolity that everyone can enjoy on a trip to the beach. Large enough to hold towels, flip-flops, lotions, beach toys, suntan lotion and snacks, the bag has wide straps that protect hands that carry heavy bags. The design provides a flat bottom that sits securely on the sand or a table without tipping over.

Serving the Creative Arts and Crafts Shopper

Our Jute Fabrics come in 10 yard rolls of the most popular colors that include black, white, natural, orange and moss. Customers who have creative ideas for using jute are likely to appreciate the convenience that you offer by carrying a line of yard goods for them. Jute is a soft material, and its flexibility often makes it difficult for retailers to cut a piece to the size that their customers desire. A tip to pass along is that removing one strand of fiber makes a line appear in the fabric. Following it makes it easy to cut a straight path across the material.

The popularity of burlap creates a demand that you can meet for your customers by providing stylish burlap bags and jute yard goods for arts and crafts projects. At, we offer the convenience of online shopping, huge discounts, and free shipping for qualifying orders.

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