How to Decorate Ceiling with Tulle and Lights

How to Decorate Ceiling with Tulle and Lights
Tulle is a fabulous, inexpensive way to decorate a room or large hall for special events such as a wedding, birthday, or baby shower. While the tulle itself is sufficient decoration in most cases, hanging lights with the tulle brings out an atmosphere of beauty, sophistication, and elegance.
  • Tulle (tulle bolts in light colors work best)
  • ribbon that complements tulle color
  • Scissors
  • White Christmas lights
  • Pushpins or removable hooks
1. Figure out how you want to decorate the room. Some people prefer to run the tulle and lights to a focal point at the center of the ceiling. Others may want to put them side-to-side for a “stars in the night” effect.
2. Measure out the tulle pieces so that it is sufficient to drape along the ceiling.
3. Cut several pieces of the 1/8″ ribbon. Each piece should be about a foot long.
4. Lay the tulle on the floor and place the Christmas lights along the center of the tulle. Roll up the tulle with the lights inside.
5. Tie a ribbon piece at each end to secure the tulle and lights together.
6. Use the rest of the ribbon pieces to secure the tulle and lights every 10 inches along the length.
7. Hang the tulle on the ceiling with clear pushpins or removable hooks.

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