Memorial Day decorations: DIY ideas for your celebration

Memorial Day decorations: DIY ideas for your celebration
Memorial Day is on the way and what better way to show your patriotism than how to make a wreath for the holiday? Before you know it, it will be time to remove your spring wreath and get ready to honor America’s fallen heroes. Bring red, white and blue to your home this summer and keep it up through Labor Day! What better spot to show off your patriotic spirit than on the entrance? If you’ve been wondering how to make a Memorial Day wreath, wonder no more.


Memorial Day comes at a great time. The weather is beautiful and summer is close by. Many people host barbecues or go for cookouts. But few take time to remember the true meaning of the day. If you want to celebrate Memorial Day wholeheartedly, display outdoor wreaths. You’ll help your friends to remember the reason for the day. Here’s how to make a wreath for Memorial Day.

16-inch to 20 inch wreath form

10 inch & 21-inch red deco mesh roll , patriotic striped mesh roll, white decor mesh roll, blue decor mesh roll

10-inch & 21 inch burlap mesh roll

Wire cutters


2 1.5-inch accent wired ribbon

5 2.5-inch rolls of accent wired ribbon

Blue, white, and red patriotic decorations




1. Write numbers on the tape, cut them, and place them on the wreath’s branches.
2. After numbering the branches, separate them.
3. Gather the end of the deco mesh, place it between 2 branches on the inner ring of the wreath form and secure it with them.
4. Pull 15-20 inches of the deco mesh, make a loop, and then secure it with the next branches on the ring.
5. Repeat the process to make more loops. Attach the mesh to the inner ring and outer ring.
6. Spread out the loops to make the wreath look full.
7. Attach the burlap mesh randomly to make the wreath look fuller.
8. Pair the two types of wired ribbon and attach them to the wreath’s branches.
9. Insert the decor objects till you are happy with the way the wreath looks. Secure them to the back of the wreath.

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