How to make a wreath with mesh ribbon and burlap?

How to make a wreath with mesh ribbon and burlap?
Christmas is celebrated across the globe to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. People celebrate the festival with jingle bells, Santa Clara sharing gifts, prayers in a church, decorated items hanging in a house. December is a month of paradise, people would love to celebrate Christmas in a house with homemade chocolates, cakes, wines. They make the Christmas hut themselves with decorated Christmas trees with a ribbon draping, lighting, mesh topper.

Decorating their homes with the hangings in a house to a door, window craftworks. Before decorating your Christmas tree, read the last blog ( steps for making a Christmas tree) that would be helpful to you.

In this blog, let us see how to craft wreaths with ribbons. It's usual to make a wreath with flowers, leaves, deco mesh.


18-inch wreath wireframe
Zip Tie
Assorted Christmas ribbons

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Take an 18-inch wreath wireframe and combine 3 to 4 combinations of Christmas ribbon one behind another. Arrange the ribbons based on the theme of your decoration. If your theme is Halloween then choose Halloween ribbons. Now, we took 4 Christmas-themed ribbons and make them as a loop circle. Tie the end of the one-sided ribbons loosely with the help of a zip tie. Don't tight the zip-tie.


Calculate the distance of the loop circle and continue making the loop until the end of the circle or wireframe is filled with ribbon. After completing the circle, leave the remaining ribbons for making a tail. Make a big loop and tie the ribbon using a zip tie and cut the big loop in half at the angle. Trim all another big loop at the half-angle.


Pull the zip tie towards the backside of the wireframe and tight the tie as much as you can. Cut the end off of the zip tie using a scissor. Start separating the ribbon loop with the bare hand. Try to alter the designs, color of the loop to look more attractive.


Also, separate the tail of the ribbon. Now, you can hang this handcrafted, homemade ribbon wreath using ribbon or mesh at your door, front door for welcoming the guest to the Christmas celebration or party.

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