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Grosgrain Ribbon Jumbo Dots

Grosgrain Ribbon Jumbo Dots (1-1/2" X 25 YARDS)

We offer a lovely and a huge collection of ribbons with special creative design. Different Patterns gives graceful appearance to the ribbon. Polka dots stand out of the box from thousands of other designs due to its attractive nature. Polka dots itself an amazing design in that case you imagine about Jumbo polka dots.

Jumbo Polka dots will bring double attraction to the ribbon it will easy catch the attention of your guests by its giant colorful dots. It acts as an attractive addition for any decoration, accessories.

We have several dozens of colors to choose from where the ribbon comes in a vibrant color and the dots are imprinted over it in its complement color. Some of the exciting color combos are White with Emerald Dots, Pink with Chocolate Dots, Orange with Red dots, Canary with Emerald dots, Fuchsia with Red dots, Black with White dots etc.

This is great fabric for any craft project and gift packing. Jumbo dots ribbons are cleaned by hand wash or minimal machine wash.

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