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Tropical DIY Ribbon Gift Set

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Just as the name represents, the Tropical DIY Ribbon Gift Set brings the natural vibrancy to the forefront, giving you a distinctive ribbon combination that will make your craft and décor stand out from the rest. It is ideal when you want to add a touch of ecological elements to your design, and you can use any combination of these ribbons on all different types of craft and project enhancement purposes.

Product Detail:

NOTE: Sold per Pack; Pack of 6 Ribbons

3/8''x1yd Emerald Green Grosgrain Ribbon
5/8''x1yd White Leaves Satin Ribbon
3/8''x1yd Emerald Green Grosgrain Ribbon
5/8''x1yd White Tucan Birds Grosgrain Ribbon
3/8''x1yd Emerald Pineapple Satin Ribbon
5/8''x1yd White Pink Flamingo Yellow Pineapple Ribbon

Item feature and specification:

  • Set of 6: pack of 6 ribbons, representing a diverse combination of mix and match
  • Premium Quality: First-class ribbons made from finest materials to give you full durability and enhanced project finish.
  • Cost-Effective: Available at low-cost prices, which is a money-saving option than buying ribbons individually.
  • Multi-Color: Different color options, so as to perfectly fit a number of design and styling finishes.
  • Multiple Fabrics: The pack consists of satin and grosgrain ribbons, so you get the benefit of both the versatile fabric types.
Tropical DIY Ribbon Gift Set

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