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Single Face Satin Ribbons

Single Face Satin Ribbons

The single face satin ribbon is shiny on one side and dulls on the other side while the double face is shiny on both sides. Satin ribbon is made up of 100% polyester and the widths start from 1/8" to 4". These satin ribbons are sold by the spool and offer the elegant simplicity of one continuous color. The ribbon edges are finish-stitched and silky smooth. Select a color that suits signify the theme of your gifts, events, wedding functions, and any other decoration.

These single-face satin ribbons are the perfect decorative item to have in your sewing collection. These ribbons are suitable for craft and flowery-type projects and can be glued as preferred. FuzzyFabric offers you a wide variety of these ribbons that are available in various colors, sizes, patterns, and much more. At a very cost-effective price, you can easily purchase these items from our online store.

If you want to make your gift more beautiful and impressive then tie the ribbon on the top of the gift. Even an inexpensive gift looks special if it has been wrapped with a single-faced satin ribbon.

Satin ribbon is made using 100% polyester materials that are shiny from one side and dull on the other. Its edges are well-stitched and carry a smooth texture. You can choose from a wide range of colors that signifies your gifts and event themes perfectly. These ribbons are ideal for craft and floral projects, available in multiple sizes, patterns, and styles at cost-effective prices. You can simply tie it on the top of your gift to make it look impressive and beautiful. It will sure to turn your ordinary gift into a special one. Browse our exclusive range of single-face satin ribbons now!

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