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3M N95 8511 NIOSH Approved Disposable Respirator with Valve - Pack of 1000 Face Masks

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Title: 3M Made in USA N95 8511 NIOSH Approved Disposable Non-Medical - Face Masks

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Package Details: Pack of 1000 N95 Face Masks


  • NIOSH Approved for 95% filtering efficiency against certain non-oil particles
  • 3M™ Cool Flow™ Exhalation Valve for reducing heat inside the respirator
  • M-Nose clip – promoting greater comfort and fewer pressure points
  • Braided headbands two-strop design
  • Made of skin-friendly, soft material
  • Promotes breathability for long-duration usage with Advanced Electret Media
  • Lightweight & spacious in design
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Comfortable on the skin and easy in wearability
  • Tight fit, with no gaps between mask and face
  • Multi-layer design that effectively blocks up to 95% of airborne particles (0.3 microns)

    Product Description:

    For users looking to get the finest and the best in the N95 masks made in the USA, BBCrafts presents to you N95 8511 respirators made in the USA, NIOSH approved. Committed to delivering the best for fellow Americans, BBCrafts advanced range of N95 masks are an effective solution to prevent bio-aerosols (virus), PM2.5 particulates, viral and bacterial contamination, splashes, fumes, splatters, and other particles arising out of grinding, sweeping, sanding, banding and other dusky operations. The 3M Masks are intended to be used to reduce exposure to inhaling certain biological particles including bacillus anthracis, mold, and more.

    The Cool Flow technology of the 3M Made in USA masks makes them specifically suitable to wear for long periods in hot, humid, or physically demanding conditions.

    Usage Instructions:
    As per the CDC, the mask is effective once operational, for about 8 hours of time. However, if the inner lining of the mask becomes moist, it should be discarded right away.
    If the mask gets contaminated in whole or in part, from any airborne particle, or liquid splashes, or biological or other residues, it must be discarded right away.

    Can the 3M Masks be Reused?
    The re-usability of the mask depends on each individual conditions and situations. If the mask was used only shortly in the first time and is not contaminated, then it should be washed and cleaned to use again. However, each mask comes with a life of around 8 hours of usage time, after which it should be discarded.

    Each item is carefully packed and delivered right at your doorstep, within 1-2 business days with a fast and secured shipping process.

    NIOSH approved N95 Face Mask, available at economical prices for both bulk and individual buyers.

    3M N95 8511 NIOSH Approved Disposable Respirator with Valve - Pack of 1000 Face Masks

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